hi you


My name is Mamatism from Indonesia, experience over 13 years in agency advertising, then quit and starting my luck as an artist NFT. Artist? It’s really weird to hear the word “artist” pinned to me. At least that’s what people said about me when I started entering the NFT world.

The start was really hard at first, starting with a few followers and a little money.

But everything becomes easy in this space. I met many new friends from artists and collectors. For me, it’s like meeting a new family, where everyone cares and supports each other and shares many things.

That’s very important to me as an introvert who is not very comfortable talking to many people and not very good at communicating. Especially for speaking in English, thanks to google translation. 😂

Let’s talk about the style of my artwork. As you can see, my work uses lots of colors, lots of graphics and illustrations. I tell a lot of stories in visuals.

Yes, but art is subjective. At least I loved what I do.

Much anime movies had inspired and influenced my work when I was kid such as Evangelion, macros, Alita, Akira, Ghost in Shell, etc.

and I still like it until now

yeah, similar genre

it’s all about the future, robots and technology.

Maybe what you see will differ from the work I have. My skills are not for making anime illustrations and I’m not trained for that.


“What is your work about?”

My work always visualizes a chaos, an imbalance that will occur in the future, when technology is sometimes not the answer to this world, and it sometimes causes destruction.


When there are individuals who use those advantages for their own benefit, for money, power, domination, corruption, nepotism and others.

Yeah, a work of art that might tell everything that we’re not doing well in a world that’s not okay.

That’s from me

Thank you to all my friends and collectors in this space. You are my family, and already part of my life.

I hope you get to know me better, and I can get to know you too.

Thank you, with love